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Swarovski Sun Swarovski Sunflower Swarovski Tabac Swarovski Tanzanite Swarovski Teardrop Swarovski Topaz Swarovski Topaz AB Swarovski Transmission Swarovski Transparent Swarovski Vintage Rose Swarovski Vitrail Light Swarovski Volcano Swarovski White Opal Swarovski White Opal Sky Blue Swarovski White Pearl
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Crystal_smoked-topaz_Thumb.jpg Swarovski Smoked Topaz

Swarovski Smoked Topaz

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  Code Name Size Unit of Measure Color Style Price Availability  
5956 34ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal per piece 34ss each Smoked Topaz 34ss $0.36 In Stock
5607 6ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 45 pack 6ss 45 pack Smoked Topaz 6ss $3.50 Backordered
5695-111 5695-111 10ss Smoked Topaz 10ss 111 pack smoked topaz   $6.00 In Stock
5607-1 6ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 1 Gross 6ss 1 gross Smoked Topaz   $8.00 In Stock
5695-1 10ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 1 Gross 10ss 1 gross Smoked Topaz   $8.00 In Stock
5789-1 16ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 1 Gross 16ss 1 gross Smoked Topaz   $12.00 In Stock
5873-1 20ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 1 Gross 20ss 1 gross Smoked Topaz   $16.00 In Stock
5956-1 34ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 1 Gross 34ss 1 gross Smoked Topaz   $46.62 In Stock
5695-10 10ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 10 Gross 10ss 10 gross Smoked Topaz 10ss $55.00 Sold Out
5789-10 16ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 10 Gross 16ss 10 gross Smoked Topaz 16ss $80.00 Backordered
5873-10 20ss Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal - 10 Gross 20ss 10 gross Smoked Topaz 20ss $100.00 In Stock

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