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Spray paint instructions

1. Take a small bottle with a fine mist sprayer and fill it with approx. 1/3 - 1/2 full of water. Add any kind of paint that says "fabric or porous" on the back. I've had good luck with acrylic paint and I particularly use Michaels brand 'CraftSmart' acrylic paint, because it is reasonably priced. Do not use any kind of puff paint or any paint with larger particles in it, i.e. metallics or glitters. Add paint to the bottle a little at a time. It is more than a few drops, so don't be afraid to pour in some paint. I have YouTube videos where I go through the entire process. Put my name 'Sue Purdy' in the YouTube search engine and it will bring up my videos. Spray out your paint on to newspaper to see the color. You are making a water colored version of the paint, but the color should still look like purple, blue, etc.

2. Practice with your stencil on paper, old fabric or t-shirts. Get used to how much paint goes on a stencil and what finger is your strongest to use. I use 2 thumbs when I paint.

3. At this time, you can place a piece of paper between the layers of the shirt. The t-shirts that I spray on are heavy enough that no paint goes through. But, do what makes you feel comfortable. Lay out your stencil on your shirt or fabric or paper. You can also put the stencil, on point, it doesn't have to stay square looking. You can mask off portions of the stencil with paper or panters tape. Place 1/2 sheets of newspaper around the edges of the stencil (this helps with over spray - no one wants to spray paint in square edges), and hold them down with heavy washers. Spray the stencil, but don't over spray as too much paint will seep around the edges. This all comes easier with practice. I still over spray occasionally. Wipe off and remove the washers, and remove the newspaper. Be careful, as the edges may have wet paint. Lift your stencil straight up off the material, using both hands on each side of the stencil. We don't tape the stencil down or use spray adhesive to attach the stencil. If anything sticks when we pick it up, paint might drip. That is also why you use 2 hands to pick up the stencil.

4. Have some newspapers near by to place your wet stencil on to. Wipe it off with a paper towel. You can also take it over to the sink and wash it off. Then, I would place it between 2 microfiber towels and blot it dry. The stencil is very durable and will last a long time.

5. Put the cap back on your bottle and store the bottle upside down. The paint separates from the water and if the paint settles at the bottom of the bottle, you can't get to it. Now, it will separate around the lip of the top. Take the sprayer off and push the paint back down in to the bottle and shake it up thoroughly. The paint will reabsorb back in to the water. The paint will dry within approx. 10 minutes. It is just a light coating of paint. It will take 24 hours for the paint to cure and then with a cotton setting on your iron, heat set the paint for 30 seconds in each spot where the paint is. Now is the best time to add an iron on design if you like. The 2 techniques together make you look more creative and certainly add more color.

6. You can wear the shirt immediately after it dries, but you can't launder it until you've heat set. The care of the shirt is machine washable and dryable. I pretty much only use 100% cotton material to spray paint on, but last winter I couldn't find a 100% cotton sweatshirt so I used a 50/50 blend. I went through all the steps and it worked great. I have not used a 50/50 blend T.


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